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Working together, we'll quickly set the standard that there are no limits to anything you're looking to accomplish.

USPRO has extensive public sector experience, but we've translated that success into the private sector and a wide variety of industries. Our tenured, industry-experienced recruiters deliver on even the toughest-to-fill positions.

Every employer wants an improved level of prospects - in other words, a focus on better candidates to fill work vacancies.

With USPRO, you can:


Tough-to-find Talent

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With Project Demands


Operational Efficiency

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Services We Provide with Excellence


Adapt to variable demand, meet critical project goals, and fill talent gaps with prescreened, highly qualified contract employees from our contract job recruitment agency. On-demand access to contract professionals provides the resources you need to accomplish your business goals, whether you're in the government or private sector.

We've spent years researching and perfecting contract job requirement.

We use innovative digital recruiting programs to source and match positions at client companies, making sure the strongest candidates from our collective pool and referral networks are tapped to successfully execute the position. There are plenty of warm bodies out there - we're filling roles with competent, top-notch candidates who will exceed our clients' goals.


Evaluate a USPRO employee on the job before extending an employment offer. This option allows you to assess skills and fit first-hand, reducing hiring risks. This is a staffing option unique to contract-to-hire recruitment agencies. You'll benefit from our federal government contract experience which we've seamlessly applied to the corporate sector.

Direct Hire / Executive Search

Streamline your search for candidates with tough-to-find skills. USPRO can support your Contingent or Retained Searches by reaching out to active and passive candidates allowing you to choose from only the most qualified of those prospects, giving you better results in less time and at a lower cost. For both private and public sector clients.


Reduce costs - and avoid headaches - by transferring employees you recruit onto our payroll. Eliminate co-employment costs and let us handle benefits, workers' compensation, administrative termination, expenses, and unemployment claims - you avoid administrative headaches and co-employment risks.

National Recruiting Center

We're proud of the candidate database that we've cultivated. Our national recruiting center utilizes specialized search tactic criteria and recruitment techniques to locate, prospect, and cull quality personnel candidates locally, regionally, and nationally. In a nutshell, our recruiting center works - for us, and for you. It's proven, and we'll prove it. 

Vendor Management Services

In addition to providing you with exemplary staffing solutions, we also offer peace-of-mind within the working scope of our on-site vendor management services offering. If you need it, we provide you with one of our on-site manager resources whom will be in charge of managing your entire temporary labor program, allowing you and your own work-force assets to be able to focus your valuable time on assuring that the performance of mission-critical tasks and other pertaining business functions are uninterrupted.