How To Always Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

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We live in an uncertain world. You may have a great job right now, but you never know how long that security will be there. Every company goes through hiring cycles, where aggressive hiring and layoffs impact the lives of everyday workers. It’s a good idea to always be prepared with an updated resume in case anything happens or in case anything better comes along. Here are some key tips that will help you keep your resume up to date, just in case.

Make Time For Your Resume

Consider setting a date where you will update your resume no matter how secure your job seems at the moment. A good time to do this is New Year’s Day or even your birthday. Take some time and go over your resume and making sure all the information is current. By setting a goal to update your resume once a year, it will always be fairly current and ready to submit on a moment’s notice.

You may even want to start updating it sooner if the industry you work in is going through some changes. If you hear about layoffs happening at your company, start updating your resume right now. You will need to be able to get a jump on the others who have similar skills and experiences and be ready to take a new job as soon as possible.

Keep Information Current

Start off by updating your contact information. For many people, this changes often. Professionals change phone numbers, move, or even just get a new email address on a regular basis. You don’t want an email or phone number on it that you haven’t used in a while when a prospective employer needs to contact you.

Similarly, make notes of rewards and accomplishments that you have received since the last time you updated your resume. Even if you don’t think some awards will make much difference to a future employer, it’s important to track your accomplishments. Employers have been known to make the final decision on a job based on the fact that one applicant belonged to a service group. Additionally, it can impact financial decisions as well. So even if you don’t see how it will make an impact for you in the short term, keep track of those wins as best as you can.

Recommendations At The Ready

Get recommendations from people you have worked with recently and frequently. It doesn’t hurt to ask even if you aren’t looking for anything new. Having letters of recommendation on hand is smart so you will always be ready to go to an interview without waiting for someone to write a letter. It’s also easier to do now than ever before with professional networking sites like LinkedIn. These sites have recommendation sections build into their platform, and it is very easy to send a request when you need one.

Along those same lines, make sure you update your references regularly. Some of your recommendations might already be people you aren’t in touch with anymore. Some might have moved or changed phone numbers which need to be updated. Make sure your references are reputable people that know your character. It is a good idea to let them know you will be using them as a reference so they aren’t taken by surprise when they get a phone call. And make sure they are current enough to be comfortable putting in a good word for you in the future.

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