Staffing Solutions You Might Not Know Exist

There are so many different forms of staffing solutions that companies looking for contract help are really spoiled for choice in today’s flex-work economy. More professionals are eager to find more flexible and engaging work environments and so the talent pool for contract work is growing. The question quickly becomes, what staffing solutions would work best for you and your needs. Here are a couple options you might not be aware of.

3 Staffing Solutions

#1: Managed Services

Managed service providers are companies that provide other companies with a fully formed team ready to step in and make an impact quickly and efficiently with little to now time investment for onboarding from the employer. These teams are pre-built and prepared to step into a role, solve problems as they present themselves, build solutions and when the time is right move on to the next opportunity. MSP contracts are great options for employers who need things done right and done quickly, and who have the budget to support such a team.

#2: Seasonal Hires

Hiring seasonal employees is a tried and true method in the retail industry, but it’s equally impactful across industry boundaries. If you know you are likely to have several projects during a particular time of year, but see your workload slow down reliably once that time period passes, seasonal workers may be the best option for you. It is important to assess the business and related workflows to make sure that tasks are set up in a way most conducive to hire, train, and draw productivity out of seasonal employees quickly and efficiently. This includes identifying work which either doesn’t require an extended learning curve or work where training documents and support exists for rapid ramp up.

Seasonal employees often don’t have a lot of time to fully immerse in the business and learn about the end to end workflow prior to being productive. Therefore, most business which have been successful in deriving the most value from seasonal employees do so by minimizing the onboarding cost and having a good understanding of efficient training resources available for the seasonal employees.

#3: Contract-to-Direct Hires

When companies turn to staffing firms for support, they are counting on their industry knowledge and talent acquisition skills to find the workers who are best suited for success within their work environment. Many companies will specifically go through a staffing agency to find job candidates who they can hire on a temporary basis with the option to become a permanent employee in the future. That’s what a contract-to-direct hire job is, the placement in a position that is meant to fill a long-term position provided that the employee performs well and fits in. While this type of job status may be untraditional, it makes allowances for unknown variables on both the employer and employee’s ends that is designed to result in great satisfaction in the long run. It’s a great option for employers who are struggling to find the right people on short notice, but who may be interested in long-term placement if the right candidate comes along.

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