3 Tips For Keeping Up With Project Demands

Project work is uniquely demanding for companies. It can seem like the work either comes in all at once or lags, leaving your company struggling to keep your team busy. This is a very relatable challenge for every business who works hard to bring in work, then needs to staff up quickly to get the work done. Project demands will always require planning and balance in terms of workload and staffing, but there are three pretty simple things you can do to make sure you have the people you need to get the job done.

1) Market for Future Work

When a business is in marketing mode, it can seem like the sooner they can line up work the better. Those quick turn projects can be really appealing from a profitability standpoint, but when it comes to having the right people on hand to do the work at the right time, they can be challenging. That’s why businesses should always be in marketing mode, seeking out and chasing long term work that might not be right on the horizon, but it can help your company plan to stay in the green long into the foreseeable future. This takes a constant presence in the industry, staying on top of market trends and connecting with existing and prospective clients regularly to remind them of the amazing services you can provide.

2) Maintain a High-Quality Talent Pipeline

Employers and hiring managers have a powerful tool at their disposal when it comes to recruiting, specifically, their professional networks. Recommendations from other employers, past connections with employees and candidates, and social connections can all provide valuable opportunities to learn of and recruit top industry talent, even for high turn-over positions. Stay active in your network and regularly reach out to partners for suggestions or recommendations on candidates. This will help ensure a steady stream of applicants when you are most in need.

3) Partner with a Staffing Firm

Staffing firms are an excellent resource for companies who have a somewhat unpredictable project load. They can really handle the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting and onboarding new talent. Just the background check and screening process can be lengthy and resource consuming, especially for companies who do not have a dedicated HR team. By working with a staffing service, you are better able to focus on your product or solutions, and simplify your workforce management process, reducing cost and time to hire, excess overtime, and stress on your core team.

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If you haven’t worked with a staffing firm before but are interested in learning more, contact the team at USPRO. Our dedicated talent experts know just how to help your business plan for those peak-season hiring sprints. Your projects, your core team, and your clients will be glad you did.

Cut Your Staffing Costs with These Tried and True Strategies

Temporary and long-term staffing is a costly but necessary exercise. Businesses are built on the strength of their talent. As such, you cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to recruiting and onboarding the industry-leading talent your business is built on. But fear not, there are several staffing strategies that work while saving you money at the same time.

1. Consider Flexible Contracts

Employers of fast-growing businesses know that a lack of talent is even more expensive than hiring. Without employees, you can’t focus on growing your business. For many companies, temporary staffing is a great solution because the length of the contract is so flexible. Whether you’re looking to fill a position that’s open due to a sudden project, or to cover for an FTE on leave, temporary staffing offers different lengths of employment for your unique needs.

2. Get Hiring Help

Unless you have a dedicated HR team focused on growing your team, you know that hiring can be a drain on very valuable resources. Both time-consuming and expensive, hiring a full-time employee is a necessary but costly task. Even worse, by making the wrong hire, you can cost your company even more in lost revenue and time. But by partnering with a staffing service to identify and recruit the right team members, you can be sure to have the support you need when you need it.

A staffing firm has the knowledge and talent pool to quickly match applicants with openings. For us at USPro, it’s all about finding the right candidate for the right job. Often, the hardest part of recruiting is finding the candidates who are qualified to step into a role and bring value right from the start. By working with a staffing firm, you are limiting your recruitment efforts to qualified job candidates ready to hit the ground running. The task of identifying, interviewing, and hiring that talent is something you can entrust to your partner in staffing, and let them do the heavy lifting.

3. Stay On Track with Payroll Services

Payroll can be another costly process, that takes time and resources to track and pay employees at scale. We at USPro have had a lot of clients that find great value in our payroll services program. Our payroll service plan enables your company through cost savings associated with hiring, helping eliminate co-employment costs like worker’s compensation claims, and administration termination expenses. Employment costs represent a sizable portion of company operations, which may fluctuate during peak workloads. Our payroll service plan will accommodate these issues, and changes in project and scheduling deadlines, thereby saving you money with each employee you hire and employ with us as your staffing partner.

If you haven’t worked with a staffing firm before but are interested in learning more, give us a call at USPro today to learn about even more ways you can save money while staffing up your team.

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