5 Most Common Engineering Interview Questions

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Forewarned is forearmed, so before you step into that interview, be sure you know how you’ll answer the most likely questions:

Tell me about a time when a project or assignment didn’t go as planned.

This is a behavioral interview question and your interviewer is trying to assess your problem solving skills. Give an example that demonstrates your ability to recover when things go wrong, not just when things fell apart.

What do you enjoy most/enjoy least about engineering?

Your hiring manager wants to know the honest answer, but make sure that the part you most dislike isn’t something that is within the core responsibility of the job. Highlight the main part of the position that appeals to you as your most enjoyable aspect.

Why do you want to work at this company?

Your interviewer wants to know if you’re really serious about getting this position and passionate about contributing to the next generation of innovation. To prepare, be sure to thoroughly research the company, including past achievements. Your answer should have a combination of details about the company’s work and your interests, tying them together to show how your own experience works in their best interest.

Describe the most challenging written technical report/project that you’ve had to complete.

Describe why it was challenging and why it was necessary. This is to see what you consider challenging and why. Assuming that they ask further questions, your response will show why it stretched your skills, how you navigated through the challenge, and what the outcome was.

What personal characteristics do you think are necessary to be successful in this field?

This is a question about your values. They are trying to get a feel for your character. Choose three or four and explain why they’re important.