From Ghosted to Growth: 5 Tips for finding loyal candidates

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A ghosted Candidate

By Paige Noble

In today's competitive job market, job seekers and employers are both guilty of "ghosting." Retaining candidates who align with your desired skill set and company culture is becoming increasingly challenging. Preventing candidates from silently exiting the job hunt is a priority for any organization. So, how can you keep potential employees engaged and interested in your role? Here are some strategies to improve your hiring process this fall.


1. Timely Communication: Where do all the candidates go?

According to the  Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report, a staggering 58% of candidates expect to receive a response from employers within a week of submitting their initial applications, and 75% of candidates say they have been ghosted by an employer. Unfortunately, many companies and candidates are ghosting each other during the hiring process. The dissatisfaction arising from a lengthy and impersonal interview procedure has caused many candidates to lose interest. To address this issue, consider implementing the following solutions:


2. Providing Constructive Feedback

Are you leaving candidates in the dark? How frequently do you communicate the hiring manager's feedback and their current status in the hiring process? It's crucial to follow the golden rule and treat candidates as you would want to be treated. Even during hectic workdays, make candidates feel valued and acknowledged. The numbers speak for themselves, 65% of employees desire more feedback. To enhance candidate engagement, prioritize providing feedback promptly and constructively.


3. Emphasize Your Unique Value Proposition

What sets your company apart? Beyond traditional perks like flexible PTO and benefits, focus on what makes your organization special. Highlight the candidate's role in contributing to meaningful projects. A good starting point is explaining how this specific position supports a particular project, ultimately leading to a significant outcome. Illustrating the long-term vision can strengthen a candidate's interest in your company.


4. Foster a "Next Steps" Mentality

Candidates crave clarity about what happens next in the hiring process. They want to know what to expect and what they can do to prepare for the next interview or stage. Demonstrating that your company is proactive and values career development can make a significant difference. Addressing their curiosity about advancement opportunities can alleviate concerns about your company's pace of progress in other areas. Show candidates that you genuinely care about their growth.


5. Consider Hiring Partners

Finally, if you find that managing recruitment processes consumes a significant portion of your time, consider partnering with trusted recruitment experts. Companies like USPRO specialize in understanding your needs and identifying ideal candidates for your organization. By utilizing their expertise, you can streamline the hiring process and focus on growing your team.


Final Thoughts

The main takeaway is that maintaining candidate loyalty in today's job market requires a proactive approach. By promptly communicating with candidates, providing constructive feedback, highlighting your unique value proposition, fostering a "Next Steps" mentality, and considering external hiring partners, you can create a more engaging and attractive candidate experience. Your efforts will not only attract top talent but also ensure their loyalty to your organization. To set up a free consultation with USPRO and explore how we can assist in your hiring needs, click here. Our team is excited to help you build the team you have been waiting for!