6 Tips for How to Job Search During the Coronavirus

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Whether you’re just graduating or have years of experience in your industry, job hunting during coronavirus probably wasn’t in your plans. Everything has changed for everyone and that includes how we find work when everyone else is also looking. We have the 6 best job hunting tips during the coronavirus.

The pandemic forced local and federal officials to shut down the American economy, causing an shockwave through the labor market and causing over 20 million of Americans to go on unemployment in a matter of months. Experts say that getting the economy to the same level of unemployment before the virus hit may take several years. While some jobs may reopen once the state approves it, others may disappear due to bankruptcy. The facts are that if you want a job, you’ll need to beat out the competition.


Applying to everything isn’t helpful when everyone else is also applying. The key is to apply to openings strategically, in a way that makes sense with your background and skills. Focus on quality, not quantity, or you’re just spinning your wheels.


What you have to offer doesn’t change with the number of the job market. The reality is that you’re going to need to “sell” yourself as the best candidate and the majority of people are really terrible at talking about themselves. Figure out what you really bring to the table, and then decide on the best and clearest way you could tell someone that – and then practice. Practice in front of a mirror for a while, and get to know which phrases really seem to clearly convey who you are and why you’re the best candidate. The mirror is a crucial step, because you’ll then want to video yourself giving your pitch. The video step will show you where to make improvements. If you’re applying to a lot of different types of positions, you’ll need to create an elevator pitch that can be adapted to all of them.


After an interview is a great chance stand out from other competitors. Don’t do the old standby of sending an email to say thank you . Everyone else is already doing that! Instead of either applying to everything, use your time to create several videos: an introductory one and a thank you. Sending a video instead of the usual phone call or email will help you stand out from the competition, so make sure to spend some time on it.


According to a March 2020 survey by Handshake, an online career community for college students, 89% of employers are now adopting virtual interviews given the COVID-19 situation and that will go up until there is a vaccine. Make sure that you are ready for when that important interview request comes. Much like showing up late or dressing inappropriately, your ability to adapt to video conferencing is one of the new markers of whether or not your interview will go well.


It’s the perfect time to conquer the skills you need to stay ahead of the rest. Analyze the skill section of job descriptions and assess your own familiarity. Do you already have that skill, but could use a refresher? Do you lack it entirely? Now is the time!


This is new to all of us, so there may be hiccups you didn’t expect or prepare for. Common ones are companies that may have had a round of layoffs or reduced staff may not be able to meet your pre-COVID pay, or may require a flexible start date, or won’t have a date when you’ll be allowed on-site. Due to many people’s increased urgency to get a new position, recruiters are now reporting that many candidates are coming across as pushy or desperate. Patience makes a great deal of difference in this situation. Above all, remember that this is new to everyone. To insist on the exact same situation as before the global pandemic comes across as not only tone-deaf, but also extremely insulting to anyone who may have gotten sick or lost a family member during this global pandemic. You can do this! Our tips for job hunting during the coronavirus will help you stand out from the crowd and get hired! Be sure to check out USPRO’s Job Board for openings!