USPRO’s, Veterans Talent Network has provided our veteran’s with career opportunities across our national client base.

Established in 1990, USPRO has worked with our Corporate Partners and Defense companies Veterans Hiring Programs supporting their staffing needs.

With an unwavering commitment of gratitude for their service, USPRO takes pride in supporting assisting veterans with their transition to the civilian work force or continued Career opportunities and Services.

Our Veterans Talent Network supports Veterans and advises veteran’s with Candidate Services for civilian job transition, interviewing skills and resume writing assistance. USPRO understands the unique challenges that returning to civilian life can present.

Whether it be an opportunity with our defense related clients or transitioning to an opportunity in the private sector, USPRO will help you navigate through the many challenges of cycles of preparing to enter or reenter the workforce.

The majority of our success can be directly attributed to supporting Veterans with employment opportunities at our Federal and Defense sector clients.

We are committed to supporting our military service members and are always looking for additional services we can direct them to, as they deal with their unique challenges. 

In conjunction with the US Department of Labor, USPRO provides a toolkit of additional resources supporting Veteran’s and former military job seekers, with career advisors with a variety of free online tools and resources. assessment.aspx
USPRO also is committed to supporting Veterans through Voluntary Services providing basic necessities (e.g., food, clothing and event support).

Additional Resource for information on Military Benefits, Discounts, Money & Finance, Education and Housing & Home Ownership:

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